The Grand Lodge of F. and A. M. in Finland, District of Sweden

Three Free and Accepted Masons lodges, Telge No. 169, Donatus No. 174 and Igelsta No. 175 , today works in Sweden under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Finland, which has given the lodges right to confer the three Masonic degrees. The lodges sort under the District of Sweden led by the District Grand Master Jean Franzen. The lodges works in Swedish. In the future, we hope to expand into Umeå with our fourth lodge. For the time being, Aurelius No. 179 works in parallel with other district lodges and neighbouring lodges in Vasa, Finland.

Freemasonry strives to awaken the desires to think, question and seek, and welcome candidates from all parts of society and from different religious beliefs.

The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted of Finlands official website (English)

Freemasonry in Finland

The first Finnish Freemasons’ lodge, St. Augustin, was founded in Stockholm in 1756, and two years later moved to Finland. But Masonic activity ceased when Sweden lost Finland to Russia in 1809. The St. Augustin Lodge was officially suspended by the Grand Master in 1813.

When Finland became independent in 1917 a number of men who had emigrated from Finland to America and there become acquainted with Freemasonry started to work for Freemasonry to be reintroduced to Finland. It resulted in the founding of Suomi Lodge No. 1 in 1922. One of the 27 founding members was the famous composer Jean Sibelius. Later he composed  special ritual music, Musique Religieuse Op. 113, now used in all three degrees. In 1923 Tammer Lodge was founded in Tampere and Phoenix Lodge in Turku. The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Finland was founded in 1924.

The first lodge in Sweden under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Finland, F.&A.M Lodge Telge No. 169, was opened ceremoniously in Södertälje September 14, 2013.

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Contact information

District level, Sweden
District Grand Master Jean Franzén
Phone: +358 (0)400 604765 / +358 (0)40 1695773
E-mail: jean.franzen@suurloosi.fi

Postal address:
The Grand Lodge of Finland
Attn: District of Sweden
Kaserngatan 16 D
FI-00130 Helsingfors

F.&A.M. Lodge Telge No. 169
E-mail: telge@friaochantagnamurare.se

Visiting address: Vretensvägen 14, Igelsta Gård, 151 24 SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden

F.&A.M. Lodge Donatus No. 174
E-mail: donatus@friaochantagnamurare.se

Visiting address Donatus No. 174: Krafts Torg 10, 223 50 LUND, Sweden

F.&A.M. Lodge Igelsta No. 175
E-mail: igelsta@friaochantagnamurare.se

Visiting address: Vretensvägen 14, Igelsta Gård, 151 24 SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden


Meeting Dates (for all lodges – in Södertälje and Lund)